October 2001

I sleep like the dead and rarely remember my dreams.  But, when I do, they seem to take place in similar locations. The dreams are different but the locations, maybe a dozen or so, tend to be consistent. Of course, other dreams take place in completely different places that have no relation to each other. Over the years, I think I've pieced together enough to recreate one of these dream environments.

I think it's a large Victorian style house. I can't really find words to describe it but I'm sure it'll be a kick to model. This one feels like part of the Reprise series already.



Can you say meltdown? A little careless importing incident led to a 10+ million polygon model and over 80 lights. The end result was that I had to completely reload the model but this time I managed to get it down to a sleek 6.5 million polygons.

On to the owl.



Down to the fixtures and fittings.


After a thousand interruptions, not the least of which was starting the human form series, I finally ran out the last set of doors and put down the floor. It still wasn't working until I painted the walls "Reprise red".


Finally! Eros is awake, alive and earning it's keep. All problems were eventually traced to a defective video card. Aside from having almost no free time in the last couple months, the Bryce file has grown so large that only Eros can handle it comfortably.

With a few days off and the technical problems solved, I'm hoping to make better progress.


With only about half the architectural modeling (for this room) complete, this one is already larger than Reprise. Forgive the light coming from nowhere and the complete lack of smoothing.


Probably need a large picture for the wall and a table with something on it in front yet (and I guess a floor would be helpful too).


I didn't like the way the handrail met the newel posts so I made a little adjustment. One thing led to another and before long I was reworking  just about everything. While I was at it, I added wainscoting at the floor level, the carpet and carpet rods. The carpet is a variant of one of Jonathan's mud textures. Who knew? I also adjusted the rotation of the grain on some of the wood materials. At over 4 million polygons so far, I think this one is already out of control.

The interesting thing is that when I did Reprise, I had to do all the millwork myself. I found a lot of great sites to use as examples but the architectural  modeling was all original. This time, only a few months later, I'm finding many sites that have downloadable CAD files. With the dimensions and wires, it's a fairly simple matter to clean up the drawings and create the 3D objects. It really speeds things up when you don't have to eyeball everything. I'm also drawing directly on Reprise for some of the objects.


After a few days of messing around I've developed a new appreciation for my favorite contractor who makes building stairs look so easy.

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