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When I'm just about finished a project it really helps me to step back and look at the big picture.

The images going up in Gallery 33 right now are the light box versions. I need to see the whole project in one place to identify the little things that need to be fixed for the final renders (thank you Curious Labs for the little view ports in the back of Sarah's shorts, picture Craig doing a Jack Benny thing).

I usually don't post these preflight images publicly but this is a special occasion.

I'm working more or less unsupervised here because it's getting a bit harder to keep in touch with Michelle (most of her stuff being already packed up and loaded on a truck).



Are we there yet? I think we are.

For the record:

  • 2487 objects
  • 4,274,150 polygons
  • 518MB

Now it's just a matter of rendering the scenes and letting Michelle pick the final view.


reprise5-8a.jpg (55649 bytes)


Ok, time to quit messing around (outside, at the beach) and get to work here.

This render is more a "what if" than anything else. It grew out of frustration working with the bed linens again. Everything else is pretty much done if I could just get that last detail right.


reprise5-7a.jpg (150728 bytes)


... with a backdrop ...


reprise5-6e3.jpg (42208 bytes)

reprise5-6f.jpg (34869 bytes)


I refined view 5 a little, brought the camera in closer to reframe the subject.


reprise5-6e2.jpg (32696 bytes)


A few more views. I'm fishing for that last, sweet view that will become the final printed image.


reprise5-6d.jpg (57269 bytes)

reprise5-6e.jpg (34651 bytes)